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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  July 9, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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that gave you a thousand hours for months. "the 90s" starts tonight at 9:00 eastern. >> because you're not a sitting president doesn't mean you could stop and get a cute picture. this baby was too cute to resist for barack obama. >> her mom says they were at anchorage international airport before the president walked he and said who is this pretty baby? ed, i'm taking your baby. but he didn't. it is customary to have a u.s. president, along with other leader who attend these summits hold a press conference. president trump did not do that. >> there is no basis for thinking that russia interfered in the election process.
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>> do you not want to respond to that and correct the record if it is wrong? >> president trump will be happy to make statements himself. >> we know russia is going to keep doing this and why just sit there like an impotent weak president and let putin walk over you and do nothing when it comes to our cybersecurity? >> he confronted president putin and he made it the first thing he wanted to talk about and we will have to see where it goes from here. >> congressional republicans have been waiting for years for their opportunity to overturn obamacare, and now with it sitting in front of them, they can't figure out how to get it done! >> i think we got to get the job done but we have got to do it right. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> good morning to you. so grateful to have you with us. secretary of state rex tillerson is in ukraine morning, his first official visit to the country as america's top diplomat.
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he is meeting with the president poroshenko. the two are expected to speak to reporters and when it happens we will bring it to you. >> the state department say tillerson intend to reaffirm their commit to the territory. >> ivan watson is live from moscow this hour. what are you learning about this meeting this morning, ivan? >> reporter: well, it's very important, because it comes about 48 hours after secretary tillerson and president trump sat down with the russian president vladimir putin and his foreign minister. ukraine is essentially an enemy of russia. it views the russian government as its enemy ever since the 2014 invasion and occupation and a anexting of ukraine. ukraine is very much at war with
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russian-backed separatists in ukraine. that has claimed more than a hundred ukrainian soldiers killed in that conflict in the first six months of this year alone. so as trump and putin were speaking together in germany, there were still dozens of cease-fire violations reported by international osce monitors in that conflict zone in eastern ukraine. ukrainian concern, of course, is that if relations thaw and warm between moscow and washington, ukraine could get left out in the cold and that is presumably one of the reasons why secretary of state tillerson is in kiev today. it's to try to reassure the ukrainians. he has also brought along with him a newly appointed u.s. envoy to deal with the ukrainian conflict a man who is an
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ambassador to the nato military alliance. >> what is the reaction in moscow to the g-20 summit and from president putin about his meeting with president trump? >> reporter: i think the russians are delighted. you had a lot of top lawmakers coming here with positive statements calling this a breakthrough. russian state media saying the bilateral meeting the two hour and 18 minute meeting between trump and putin clips the summit. president putin who came out in front of the cameras yesterday and joked with journalists looks very happy. he had some pretty interesting observations. he said essentially the trump we see on tv is not the trump that he met in person. he said that the u.s. president listens to questions, answers logically, is a very good
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interlockutor. this ends face-to-face meetings between the russians and u.s. presidents. they succeeded in talking about a local cease-fire in a corner of syria. also president putin was able to make his denials directly to president trump about russian meddling, alleged russian meddling in the november 2016 election and has led to more controversy with contradictions between the russian and u.s. accounts of how that conversation ultimately ended up. there is one area where the russians recognize, they still have a long way to go. u.s. sanctions against russia are still in place including sanctions that were imposed by the outstanding obama administration, the seizure of two russian diplomatic compounds at the end of december. russia wants those compound back. and russian officials know that
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the atmosphere in washington is not good for improvement in u.s.-russian relations, that there is a great deal of suspicion in congress and even within president trump's republican party. they know they have an uphill battle there to try to further improve relations between these two governments. >> good background for us there. thank you so much, ivan watson. white house advisers are not offering really any clarity on whether president trump accepted russian president putin's denial of interference in the 2016 election. president trump has not spoken about the different accounts of his meeting with the president of russia. here is what his treasury secretary said about this responding to a question from a reporter aboard air force one. >> reporter: another country making a statement about the president of the united states, do you not want to respond to that and correct the record if it is wrong? >> i will not make comments about what other people say.
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president trump will be happy to make statements himself. >> let's talk about this with josh rogen and deputy editor of the "weakly standard" kelly. a senior trump administration official told cnn the president did not accept it. this seems like it would be quick and easy and clear and done. why won't the administration just answer the question on the record? >> well, i think the reason is because they don't know what happened inside that meeting. the only people who are in there were president trump and secretary of state rex tillerson. "the new york times" reported this morning that rex tillerson told a close associate, quote, the president said to putin, quote, i want to get this out of the way, did you do this? and tillerson was stunned by that. the bottom line who knows? steve mnuchin doesn't know what was said in that meeting and we
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can't trust what president putin or trump say because both of them have been proven to lie on the record all the time. what we know is what president trump thinks about the russian election hacking says all the time the russians probably did it but others probably did it too. that's not supported by the intelligence. that's is not supported by the reporting. but that seems to be what the president of the united states believes. that it's very troubling. what we are looking for coming out of this meeting is what actions will the president take? will he support congressional sanctions? will he give back the compounds to the russians? that is the greatest indication of whether or not president trump believes the russians did this or not. >> coming up on "state of the union" later this morning, u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley will be a guest for jake tapper today. i want you to listen to part of her interview. >> what he did was bring up right away the election meddling and he did that for a reason.
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ni president putin did what we thought he would do which is deny it. >> two things here. yes, we know you meddled in our election. we don't know that yet to be what happened in that meeting. second, cut it out. effectively and maybe this is a direct quote from what president obama said last year and was criticized by the trump for saying to vladimir putin. is this an assumption on the part of ambassador haley or does she potentially know something or counterparts don't? kelly, what is your take? >> perhaps she does know something, but if she does, if she has been told this, why aren't we hearing it from the people themselves? now rex tillerson spoke to reporters off camera but audio was recorded and i've gone over his comments multiple times and he did not say once whether trump agreed to accept putin's denial that russia was not involved in america's elections. it's a pretty simple yes or no
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question, isn't it? i think it's very telling that both vladimir putin and sergei lavrov have gone on camera talking to reports. putin is not friend to reports. the fact he is willing to get up and answer reporters questions publicly but neither president trump nor rex tillerson will go on camera and answer these questions directly. i think that really speaks volumes and it's quite concerning. >> josh, let me move ahead to what is happening this morning. secretary of state rex tillerson in kiev meeting with the president of ukraine petro poroshenko. after what president trump described as a tremendous meeting with the russian president. how is that description received in kiev and detail for us the line that the secretary of state will have to walk now in his defense of the sovereignty of ukraine. >> it's good that the secretary of state is making this trip to ukraine and meeting with leaders there and reinforcing the u.s. and ukraine partnership in the
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face of russian intervention in eastern ukraine which is ongoing and causing a lot of heart ache and violence there. the top line. what is behind the scenes is the u.s. is reigniting, restarting its interest and its activity in the ukraine negotiations. what the president has done is appointed a former u.s. baeed to nato to be the u.s. special envoy to those negotiations. what that means practically the u.s. will get revolved in a format meant to resolve this conflict. if you want to roll back sanctions on russia you have to solve ukraine. that is how the president thinks about it. how the ukrainians think about it is they need american involvement to make progress on this fight. and so they welcome that. this could be an area where u.s. and russia, ukraine, germany, france, all get together and try to find a way out of the fighting there. now that is going to be a difficult, complicated, long
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process. and it's filled with risks and road bumps and spoilers and all that stuff. >> is there no easy route out of this. it may be telling that kurt volker was named as the special envoy and known as a hawk on russia. we will see what that means moving forward. you see pictures of the secretary of state there in kiev. kelly jane torrance and josh rogen, thank you both. you can hear the entire interview with nikki haley on "state of the union" with dana bash this morning at 9:00 a.m. only on cnn. just ahead, they are back from the holiday break this week, of course. will a new strategy by ted cruz revive this gop health care bill? also, the deadly heat wave fueling the wildfires. look at these pictures. this is southern california. people are being evacuated from their homes. hundreds of homes are threatened by these flames. we have got the latest on the fight. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those.
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morning, isn't it? good morning. >> nice start to the day. >> good morning, everybody there in d.c. wherever you happen to be waking up this morning, we are so glad to have your company. hope you're seeing some sunshine wherever you are. that is the capitol. it's now or never for senate republicans because they are coming back from their july fourth recess tomorrow. you know health care is the first thing on the agenda. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says they need to pass their health care plan this week or be forced to work on a bipartisan effort with democrats and republican senator chuck grassley warns this on twitter. the gop should be ashamed, he writes, they have not passed health care reform by now and will lose the senate majority there if they do not do it. tom foreman is here to explain the path ahead.
4:18 am
>> reporter: congressional republicans have been waiting for years for their opportunity to overturn obamacare and now with it sitting in front of them, they just can't figure out how to get it done. from the republican-controlled senate, a stunning change of direction. majority leader mitch mcconnell will prop up obamacare if his own party can't pass a plain. >> premiums are going up, deductibles are going up. we have to solve the current crisis and i think repealing and delaying the replacement doesn't work. >> tonight i am also calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: cnn has learned the white house was caught off guard by mcconnell's comments coming less than a week after the president's own surprise move when he tweeted if republican senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date, but that has gained no traction, even as the republican bill has continued spinning its wheels.
4:19 am
some senators in their home districts for the july fourth recess face tough questions from constituents. >> i still am a no, unless the bill is dramatically changed. >> reporter: so bipartisan support, limited as it may be, is swirling around mcconnell's idea. >> senator mcconnell is correct in that we need to make sure that the individual market is a stronger market than it is today. >> i believe what mitchell mcconnell says is the right path to take. >> reporter: even amid furious pushback from conservative quarters. they say it is catastrophic for the republican party. and on it goes. with various republicans offering their own solutions how to end the impasse, unite the party, and somehow turn the turmoil into triumph. >> i think we got to get the job done but we have got to do it right. the results matter. it's not just passing a bill whose title is barack obama obamacare repeal. we have to do something that fixes the problem. >> reporter: watching the
4:20 am
republicans twist themselves into knots trying to deal with the health care riddle was a wonderful recess for democrats and less like independence day and more like christmas in july. president trump's pick for fbi director is going to face a confirmation hearing this wreak. christopher wray's hearing is on wednesday. the president fired jim comey in may. you might be saying who he is? he a yale law school graduate and worked as a federal prosecutor for decade and ooech nominated by george w. bush in 2003 to work for the criminal division. he worked with comey and special counsel robert mueller and now work as a litigation partner at a law firm representing defendants in white collar case. he counseled new jersey golf chr -- governor chris christie
4:21 am
throughout the bridgegate scandal and given more than 50th,000 to republican candidates and committees and law firm since 2007. women's march. they have a question about the organization's relationship or their response to people of color who are victims of gun violence. women on both sides of that conversation are joining us to discuss. also, hundreds of people ordered to evacuate from a fast moving wildfire. it's burning through southern california and officials this morning are still struggling to contain that fire. we will have an update for you.
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>> i'm victor blackwell. secretary of state rex tillerson is meeting with the president of ukraine there in kiev, poroshenko. >> in the meantime, president trump is back in washington back to trying to make progress on his domestic agenda. first up, of course, is health care reform. and confirming a new fbi director. >> the organizers behind this year's massive march on washington has a message for the nra. start protecting black and brown lives. >> they are frustrated over the nra's silence surrounding the police shooting of castille who was shot multiple times in his car last july after he told the officer he had a firearm. he was a registered firearm owner. the officer was ultimately cleared. an organizer wrote a letter to the nra saying, in part, if the
4:27 am
in fact, nra was an organization that represents all people why would you have a response to philando castile? take a look. >> they use their media to assassinate real schools and teach their children that the president is another hitler and use their stars and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. and then they use their ex-president to endorse the resistance. all to make them march. make them protest. make them scream racism and sexism and homophobia! >> a coorganizer of the women's march is with us and on the board of advisers with the gathering of justice and dana lash, the star of that nra ad we just saw serve as the nra special assistant for the executive vice president. we thank you both for being
4:28 am
here. dana, i want to clear something up right out of gate. who is the "they" you all referred to in the ad? >>. >> those are people who think the protest is the same thing as the riots. all of the footage shown in this ad and this ad came for fruition out of the concern of millions of nra members, they are the people who actually engage in the riot whose who vansanction want to have property destruction, arson and busting up store fronts and some of the things we saw during the inauguration or assaulting individuals because they wear a hat or a t-shirt that displays a political message is maybe different from that of an individual what they believe. those are the people that i'm talking about. that is why we used that footage of actual violent right riots and footage this is taking place
4:29 am
in the united states to hammer that message across and this is what we are talking about. as somebody who was organized countless peaceful protesters and participated in protests, i love protests! i don't love property destruction and assault. >> with all of that said, tamika, you called this ad vicious in your letter to the nra. what is your reaction to what dana is saying? >> first of all, i want to make it clear that most protests are peaceful protests. i've been involved in protests all my life. almost 20 year of my life and i've probably never been involved in a protest that turned violent. that is a very, very small portion of protests that have happened in this country. so for someone as powerful, an entity as powerful as the nra to use its air waves to speak about something that is a very narrow, very, very small portion of what happens at protests in this country, wherein many cases,
4:30 am
they are provocative people and some of which people from the right and some of which are nra members and people dana think she is speaking to show up at protests and create tension on purpose. and so first of all, that is wrong. second of all, the ad, in itself, any one of good moral conscious understands that when the fla is responsible for gun owners, people who have the ability to take lives, they should be doing nothing more than speaking about deescalation, safety, and finding ways to solve problems and save people's lives, verse giving any type of insightful message that could hurt or damage someone. we know that since this presidential election and since president trump has taken office, we have seen a surge in racially charged incidents in this country. the nra, on its website, says it
4:31 am
is one of the oldest siverl rights organization. if that is true this organization in the spirit of civil rights organizations should be standing for the lives of people and protect people and find ways to make sure people are safe. >> part of the controversy here -- >> i need to respond to that! really quickly! >> go ahead. >> if police mshe is inciting i like evidence of that. >> the ad was that. the ad. >> she is saying -- >> i need to get away from the ad! >> my family! >> ladies! >> we are talking over each other! nobody is hearing us because of that! i want to make sure both of you are heard! let's move quickly here to the task at hand which is the philando castile situation. tamika, you wrote a letter to the ceo wayne la pierre saying
4:32 am
you are responsible to an organization that claims to be the oldest civil rights organization in america but recent action by the nra complete disregard for the black and brown people in america but appear to be a direct endorsement of violence against the scitizens. you want a reaction from the nra to the castile killing and now that it's all over, to the trial that took place. >> right. >> i want to give the nra -- the nra did make a statement last july, on july 8th. this is what they had.
4:33 am
dana, the facts are now known. the case is over. why haven't we heard from the nra yet? >> well, i've actually spoken out quite a bit on this and i'm unfamiliar with whether or not miss mallory are acknowledged that. you may not want to acknowledge the truth of the matter in ferguson. i've spoken out on this quite a bit. i think it's awful and unfortunate and i don't agree with every single decision that come out from courtrooms in america. a lot of variables in this particular case and a lot of things that i wish would have been done differently. do i believe that philando castile to lose his life? i do not. we need to work with law enforcement so they understand what citizens are experiencing when we go through stops like this. >> dana, you have this ad.
4:34 am
>> he has been pulled over while carrying! i have been pulled over while carrying before! we need to make sure. really quickly! this isn't a political thing. i want to make sure when we are pulled over we make sure we have our concealed carry permit card as someone who is hyperprotective of natural rights like philando castile i want to make sure it's well known so someone doesn't make all of the right decisions! >> i only have a minute left! >> stop, please. >> do you think the nra, do you understand why it's important for people to hear from the nra at the end of the day on this? >> right. >> not now. not now. >> that is why i'm speaking out this. >> for her person. >> that is why i'm speaking out on this. >> i'm speaking for nra membership! >> i'm sorry, you're all speaking at the same time! ladies, we can't understand you! >> she won't let me speak so i can't answer that. >> please, stop! >> are you saying that you are
4:35 am
speaking for the nra right now? >> yes. i'm an nra spokesperson. that's why i'm here. >> you're speaking for the nra and what you are saying this morning is? formal statement on their part? >> it's a terrible tragedy. that could have been avoided. >> tamika, respond. only a couple of minutes! >> we would like to -- >> go ahead. >> what we we would like to see is the same effort that was put into this ad that has been put out that is dangerous to black and brown people and protesters. we want to see the same type of effort and energy put into speaking on behalf philando cass style and she speaks about people carrying their -- >> we have been! >> people -- i'm not finished! >> let her finish! >> i'm not going to. >> you don't get the courtesy when you endorse someone -- >> you are talking together and i have to cut it off! >> go ahead. >> she speaks about the concealed carry record being in your pocket.
4:36 am
black people are not allowed to reach for their concealed carry weapon because if we reach anywhere, we shot and killed. >> white people. >> that does not happen to white people! >> you don't either. >> show me that! >> i'm sorry, we are out of time. i appreciate that both of you here and talking at the same time. i feel you both were heard. we had a good conversation here and we appreciate your time. >> i was talked over a lot! >> we can talk in person. i have challenged you to a debate any time. >> you condemn and condemn life. >> let's turn to what we saw in the g-20. the president now offering a response to all of the questions about if he accepted putin's denial but is he offering clarity? we have got that brand-new statement from the president after the break. what in real time?stomer insights from the data wait, our data center and our clouds can't connect? michael, can we get this data to...? look at me...look at me... look at me...
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welcome back p.m. let's get to this discrepancy on whether the president of the united states accepted russian president putin's denial of
4:41 am
interfering in the 2016 election. asked three time, white house officials were unable to confirm that the president did not accept that denial as senior official told cnn on friday night. now we are hearing from the president and an official statement via twitter swe, twee a few minutes ago saying the following. so a response from the president but not an answer to the question. did the president accept the denial or did he not? hopefully, that will come via tweet, via an official sometime later this morning. now out to california where hundreds of people are being evacuated this morning after this fast moving wildfire continues to rip through that part of the state. official in santa barbara are struggling with two major fires.
4:42 am
the alamo fire tripled in size yesterday nearly 30 miles wide now. the other the whittier fire forced at least 60 campers to evacuate their campgrounds. that fire is nearly five miles long, burning on both sides of highway 154. >> wildfires and dangerous heat wave are what arizona is dealing with right now. we have learned this morning there is an investigation under way as authorities look at nearly 60 people, who they believe have died as a result of this heat. phoenix broke 112-year-old heat record hitting temperatures as high as 118 degrees. arizona from the arizona burn center said their emergency department visits doubled when temperatures skyrocketed last week. more now from the president. we will talk about an additional tweet coming from him. still, no clarity. no answer on whether president trump accepted the denial of
4:43 am
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breaking news we are hearing from president trump on his meeting with vladimir putin and this exchange over russian interference in the 2016 election. did the president accept putin's denial or did he not? the president responding on twitter this morning, just a few minutes ago saying the following. let's bring in brian stelter, cnn senior media correspondent and host of "reliable sources." you made the point a few minutes ago, brian, the president has shown an affinity for the statements via twitter but not a replacement for a news conference which is what we saw from the other world leader at the g-20 and this could have been cleared up. >> that's right. we are not hearing him actually address this. we can't see him, hear him.
4:48 am
and we can't see journalists try to follow-up on these things when we get thing via twitter. we mentioned earlier and i think worth the context now we are hearing from the president normally at the end of a g-20 summit, there is a press conference by the american president answering questions from journalists. obviously, at a press conference taken place this weekend there would have been many questions about this meeting about what exactly president trump said and how putin responded. since there wasn't that press conference, all eyes have been on his twitter account and his twitter feed. notable the past few minutes he has weighed in. the four most important word i think in his tweet now time to move forward. he is saying it's time to move forward, not to talk any more about the russian meddling in the u.s. election last forward. time to move forward sounds like a new talking point. let's see a week or two from now if it is. sound like a new talking to me
4:49 am
to me. a way for the president say i addressed it and brought it up and putin denied it to me so time to move on. intelligence agency experts are saying russia will do this again in the future. it could happen to hurt republicans or hurt democrats in the future. either way, this is not something that is over. it is still very much present day. as our viewers know there are multiple ongoing investigations into last year's meddling and into trump campaign communication and contacts with russians. so there is many reasons why this is not over, why people won't be moving forward and, obviously, guys, these tweets are going to do nothing to comfort or save concerns among liberals that president trump never took this seriously to begin with. >> i think the last part of the first tweet, i've already given my opinion. the last time we heard from the president personally was on thursday and let's listen to what that opinion was at that time.
4:50 am
>> i remember when i was sitting back listening about iraq, how everybody was 100% sure that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. guess what, that led to one big mess. they were wrong and it led to a mess. so it was russia and i think it was probably others also. >> he acknowledges it was russia. he says there was others also, but it doesn't alcohcknowledge here -- what is missing that people wanted to hear was did he accept putin's denial or didn't he? >> and there's no notetaker in the room and only two other americans in the room. so it's really always, i think, going to remain murky as a question about what actually happened in the meeting. often times there is a national security council staffer in the room, taking notes for the
4:51 am
american record. in this case, it was trump, tillerson and a translator. "the new york times" has a source today saying that tillerson was stunned at the way that trump handled this. let's get this out of the way. let me ask you about the meddling. other trump aides are spinning it, saying trump was very tough when it came to this subject matter. we have him in his own words for the first time addressing this. it is notable. you normally have an event on camera where a president talks about his meetings at g20. now confirm bid cnn and other outlets is another previously unreported meeting between one of trump's aides, allies and russian. paul manafort had a meeting with a russian lawyer that had time
4:52 am
thais to the kremlin. they only recently disclosed it in government filings. they're saying this is mostly about adoption but there are a lot of questions about this meeting and what other meetings may have taken place before election day. it's another example of how news coverage of this issue continues, how russian meddling is very much an ongoing story, not to mention clapper and other former officials saying the russians are going to try to do this again. >> brian, i think you pointed out the four most important words in the tweets this morning. time to move forward. it actually makes whether the president accepted the denial or not less important, not irrelevant, but it also shows what his treatment of this will be. he wants to move forward in a different direction and get away from that conversation in different respects. we've got a statement here. we're hearing that now from secretary of state rex tillerson in a meeting with the ukrainian president who says interference in the 2016 u.s. election
4:53 am
remains an impediment to better relations with russia. pair that with what we're going to hear later this morning from the u.n. ambassador, nikki haley, who will say everybody knows russia did t he wanted to look the russian president in the eye and tell him we know you did it. cut it out. is it seems that members of the administration are far more hawkish on this than the president. >> according to all the statements we've heard from trump's cabinet officials, appointees, versus the president himself. there's been such a lack of clarity on this issue because at various times the president has called it's a hoax this overall russia issue is a hoax, excuse invented by democrats, notwithstanding the fact that government officials were investigating this well before the democrats loss on election day. >> president trump just tweet this had. putin and i discussed forming an
4:54 am
impenetrab impenetrable. >> let's see what people think about russia and the u.s. working together to stop hacking. >> brian steltser, we'll see you later this morning. >> thanks. ♪ ditching the cover-up for good? that's cool. showing off my arms? that's cool. being comfortable without a shirt? that's cool. getting the body you want without surgery, needles, or downtime? that's coolsculpting. coolsculpting is the only fda-cleared non-invasive treatment that targets and freezes away stubborn fat cells. visit today and register for a chance to win a free treatment. you...smells fine, but yourin your passengers smell this bell dinging
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>> there i go. >> can you describe to me how this whole system works? >> lumo lift attaches to your shirt magnetically. when you slouch, it will vibrate to remind you to straighten up. also, it connects to an app on your smart phone. and on that app it will track your posture habits. it helps you to be aware of your posture so that you can self correct and develop the muscle memory to hold yourself in a good form. posture is so important to your general health. it's correlated with back pain as well as good breathing, good digestion. it affects your energy level, your confidence. back pain is the second most frequent reason people go to the doctor. it's out numbered only by the common cold. >> while posture devices like this one may be helpful, physical therapist karina woo has concerns. >> you have to remember to charge it, put it on and use it and then you have to remember to attend to it because of how easily one can ignore sensory
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stimuli once you get used to it. it's more about making the conscious effort to say, you know what? let me sit up with good, upright posture because i know my health will be better in the long run. >> upright we are. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> "inside politics" with john king starts now. >> the long-awaited faceoff. >> they had a very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject. north korea once again defies the world. >> i have some pretty severe things we're thinking about. >> a warning to feuding senate republicans. make a deal on obamacare


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